Sunday, March 28, 2010

Preparation #1

We leave to hike in just over two weeks, but our time on the island is greatly limited. In just over one week's time, we will be driving south.

We will stop over in Portland, where we will say goodbye to our Portland friends and family. It will be a quick visit, and I know I won't have time to say goodbye to everyone, so if we miss you, my apologies.

After we pass through Portland, we will drive to San Francisco to say hi to Lauren's brother Paul. After a couple nights there, we will fly south to San Diego, where Lauren's other brother Mark lives. We will take in some good eats and good margaritas, and then head to the trail on April 14th.

So, it's our final week of preparation. I have been dehydrating food for the last three months. I have loaded maps and way points onto my GPS (a gift from the ever loving ever worrying parents), and now I am printing off all the maps. Thank you Halfmile (see side links).

Despite my lack of desire to train, Lauren has successfully dragged me out on a couple training hikes. Small ten mile walks here and there (sans pack). Today we took one of our meals as an afternoon snack on our hike. It turned out well, and I think I will try and spend the next week making as many of these meals as I can.

I hope to write a post soon further elaborating my food and my gear. For now, I think I'll revel in my "connected world" and sit back and watch Planet Earth on the TV before I watch it in real life.

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