Saturday, April 3, 2010

Countdown... T minus 12 days

I am laying on the floor in my sleeping bag in my parents house. I drive south in one week, and start hiking in two weeks.

Finally, today, I felt that all things were in order. Lauren (Apricots) and I sat down this morning to enjoy our morning coffee...half caff, as we are weaning ourselves off of the caffeine addiction before the hike. While we enjoyed our coffee, we re-wrote our list of things to do (a near daily task), and laid out what we would do each day between now and when we drive south...and when our coffee was done, we tackled our day.

I bagged couscous and veggies, while she cut up bananas to dehydrate.

I updated my mailing address, and looked over business paperwork.

We cut up more bananas.

We drove to the store to buy vitamins and Ibuprofen.

We went to the bank.

We went to the pharmacy to get more fun drugs, supplements, and things of apothecarial delight.

We drove to the post office to get tyvek bags to carry gear in.

We went to the grocery store for more couscous and veggies, and bananas.

And we went home, where we died Easter eggs (not for trail consumption). I spent the evening refining the itinerary, while Lauren (Apricots) worked at shedding precious ounces from her pack.

And now, just before bed, we filled up our HEALTH bag; a bag of vitamins, electrolytes, and tasty candy coated chocolate orbs.

Its now 2am, and for the first time in the last three weeks, I feel like we'll get everything done on time. Now we just need to get Apricots into shoes that fit well.

Happy Trails, Inner Peace, and Harmony

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