Saturday, April 24, 2010

The ol' thumb workout

Day 7

We didn't sleep well last night. The wind beat furiously on our tent all night. It was a flat spot, and we were both comfortable, but the wind still kept us up. It was okay, because we were going to town, and no blisters, no lack of good sleep, no heat, no scratching brush was going to stop us from our "Town Pace."

"Town Pace" is a strange hiking phenomenon that results in several side effects, inclusive (but not limited to):
Increased Speed,
Increased Interval times between breaks,
Decreased food intake,
Decreased concern of proper Hydration practices,
Irrational fantasies of 20 course meals,

Despite the apparent "Town Pace" that guided our movement down to barrel springs, our pace came to a crawl when we hit the low grassland valleys overrun with flowers. Every pasture we walked past carried their own variety of daisies, daffodils, and poppies. It was amazing to see such an vivid display of color in an otherwise monochromatic landscape.

Four miles before reaching the road, we took lunch at Eagle Rock. When I hiked in 2005, I blew past this landmark. I thought, "big deal, a rock that looks like an eagle. I'm tired, I'm sore, I want to get to town." When I got to town, I saw a photo of the rock, and I have spent the last five years regretting that decision.

After lunch, and a series of pictures, we finished our section A leg (110 miles). We intercepted the highway shortly after one. We set our packs down for a break. As soon as we did that, a car was coming down the road. I put my thumb out, and he pulled over.

What luck!! Two minutes on the highway, and then we were rolling in a car to Warner Springs resort for some serious food, and hot spring relaxation.
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  1. Yeah! Libation and relaxation. Sounds like you needed it. Can't wait to see all you phenomenal pics when you all return.

  2. We will try and post more frequent pictures. I have been bad about that, but when we get back, I plan to spruce up all the entries with photo's from my camera.