Monday, April 26, 2010

Town Daze

After 110 miles, we spoiled ourselves to a five day vacation (from our vacation). It was supposed to only be four days, but we arrived early to Warner Springs, and the Annual Day Zero PCT Kick Off party, was not willing to adjust the event to meet with our needs. Oh well, I'm not complaining.

Zero days are a lot of boring relaxations, so I won't go into detail, but just share highlights.

Day 8-9
Warner Springs

-Pulled in a couple hours before the rain hit.
-Showered, Laundered, Dined.
-Relaxed in natural hot spring.

Someone asked Apricots and I how long we had been married. We told her that we were not married, but just a serious couple. Hence forth, every time she saw us at the resort, she called us the cute couple.

Day 10-12
Lake Morena - ADZPCTKO

Thursday morning, we woke to snow in the desert. Thursday afternoon, a trail angel picked us up in Warner Springs, to drive us to the Annual Day Zero PCT Kick Off (ADZPCTKO) party. This is a weekend long event, where several PCT enthusiast and backpackers, get together and share ideas, give mini classes, and reconnect with previous hikers.

The first evening was pretty informal. As only about 100 people were present so far, they did a fun mock jeopardy game show. They needed 3 current thru-hiking volunteers to be contestants. I volunteered, and competed against Liz and "Sub-Zero". I have the unfair advantage of having hiked 1100 miles in 2005, so when the questions started rolling, I was on top of them. I felt a tinge of guilt when I won, but graciously accepted my trail mix and dried fruit winnings.

Friday and saturday consisted of looking at Vendors gear, and attending mini classes. We listened to small lectures on Desert Hiking techniques, Flore+Fauna, Mountaineering, and PCT closures. The first evening we watched videos put together by other hikers, and the second evening we saw the first screening of the National Geographic special on the PCT (due out in september).

With over 400 people there, it was a bit crowded, but it was still fun. On sunday morning after an early breakfast, "Squatch" drove Apricots and I back to Warner Springs so we could start hiking.
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  1. Dried fruit and trail mix - an appropriate prize. Sounds most interesting and I sure it was informative too. Must be quite a few people that are involved repeatedly. Is that right. Spoke with Mark and he is stoked about meeting you all somewhere on your sojourn.

  2. Over half of the 400 or so people in attendance are previous hikers, or multiple visitors to ADZPCTKO.

    Many people enjoy going to re-connect with past hiking friends.