Wednesday, April 7, 2010

T minus one week...and counting

Last night around ten PM, Lauren and I bagged our last batch of dehydrated apples. I don't know how we did it, but our food dehydration worked out nearly perfectly. All the food we had to dry seemed to take as much time as we had on the island. My parents neighbor's (The Walti's) lent us their dehydrator, so that we could dry more food. (Thank you)

Over the last week, Lauren and I went through our entire food supply, and hashed through our Itinerary until we had refined a simple process for resupply. Late last night, we sat my mom down and explained the process. She will be mailing all the food we pre-prepared, plus any gear we may need.

Lastly, we went through our packs, shedding ounces each time, until we reached a satisfactory level. Both of us are hiking with a base weight of around twenty pounds (varying with desert, or high sierra conditions).

What now?

Well, we drive south. We visit family along the way.

And April 14th, the walking hot desert. Thank you everyone for the well wishes. Sorry if we miss getting back to you. It's been go go go for the last two weeks.

Happy Trails, Inner Peace & Harmony
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  1. Hi Moose, this is Brice (chimmychonga2 from S8) ive been reading your blog and wanted to know if you were coming through Oregon?

  2. I am in Portland right now.
    I will be leaving Portland tomorrow.... and then, passing through when I hike. I figure Early August I will start my trek across Oregon...It should take us 3 weeks to cross Oregon.
    You can look at our travel itinerary for a better understanding of when we will be where.
    --- I will try to keep that updated as often as I can.

  3. Hey, good for you guys. Glad you're finally getting to go on this hike. You seemed pretty excited about it whenever I spoke to you. Best of luck :)

    -eieio :p