Saturday, April 24, 2010

Need a little lead in your pack; Redux

I forgot to mention why the last one was called "need a little lead..."

I mentioned the Water Cache at Third Gate. A cache is basically a storage place to put food, water, gatorade, beer, etc. on trail so hikers can easily replenish water on dry stretches, or revel in the kindness of others (see also Beer Cache).

Generally all caches are refilled by people who volunteer there time to do this. We can not rely on water being at a cache, and should not. It is a privilege to get the benefits of a "kind neighbor."

There is a cache mantra that says, "Take only what you Need, Leave all that you can."

Just past third gate water cache, there was a small box sitting in the desert called "Lead Cache." Inside was a note that read, "take only what you need," as well as lead fishing weights, varying in size up to a full pound.

Looking back, I (kind of) wish I actually took one. Then again, do I really need to add more weight to my pack?

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