Monday, August 8, 2016

Day 61 Addendum

After the short post, I started to feel like I skimped out.

After passing through the bucolic landscape we hit a stretch of highway. Due to a slide and washout, a portion of the route was deemed impassable. As such, we took the highway as an alternate to the washout. The highway was much more quiet than yesterday's highway ride.

After we hit the last leg of the highway the rain started sprinkling on us. It wasn't too heavy, but we definitely needed our rain jackets. We rolled down the road, music in, jackets on, and motivation on our heels.

Once we rolled into Elkford we grabbed a quick meal and went to our Warm Showers host. She was at work, but she left her house open so we could get in. After setting the tent up we took a shower and a nap. Near the end of our nap our host came home from work, so we went into the house and introduced ourselves.

As the evening wore on, we ordered pizza and chowed down while watching the Olympics. As the sun finally set (at its late northern hour) we called it a night and crawled into our tent.

(Thank you for hosting us Allison, good luck on your future adventures)

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