Saturday, August 6, 2016

Short post for a short day

Day 61 - August 6th
26.9 miles
Total: 2477.1 miles
Moving Avg: 8.4 mph
Overall Avg: 4.4 mph

This morning we rolled over to Tim Hortons, a breakfast chain, to eat up before making the very short ride to Elkford, our last civilized stop before we wrap this trip up. While we plowed through many donuts and coffee, we saw two ten point buck deer wandering around the parking lot, eating the vegetation between the lot and the highway. I was able to walk up to them within about fifteen feet and record some video of their dining.

After our breakfast we rolled the lazy 26 miles up to Elkford, through pretty pastoral settings and beautiful bucolic landscape.

Oh yeah, before leaving Sparwood, we saw the (at build time) world's largest truck. We believe that our bike trip would have been less bumpy if we had swapped out our tires for the tires the truck was using.

And that's that.

Oh, and no bears.

Live life at a slower place.

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  1. Must be really rewarding to look back over your sojourn and see what an acomplishment this is…Looking forward to seeing you and hearing tales of your adventures….love ya…See you before too long...

  2. I can appreciate that on first glance Tim Hortons might appear to be a breakfast chain but if you stay in Canada long enough you will soon discover that it is so much more. Good luck on this last part of your trip. I have enjoyed reading along all summer.