Saturday, August 6, 2016

Sixty Days

Day 60 - August 5th
40.9 miles
Total: 2450.2 miles
Moving Avg: 8.5 mph
Overall Avg: 5.5 mph

Sixty days. That's two months. We have been out for two months. (I suppose 61 days us a better two month approximation, but who's counting?) After two months I can say the landscape is finally getting stunning. Nah, it has always had its beauty, it is just that this landscape is more dramatic and consistently breathtaking now that we have entered "Beautiful British Columbia".

The first half our day was along a river valley on logging roads. When the first truck passed, the amount of dust kicked up inspired us to turn our bandanas into face masks. After we did that the logging trucks disappeared. It is a lot like the magic of putting on a raincoat during a light spitting rain - it causes the rain to go away. (We may need to employ this trick in the final days of our trip).

I kept hoping to see a bear, and I even told Apricots not to scare a bear away without letting me get a picture. And while this ride was through prime bear country, not a bear was found. Oh well, it will happen eventually, even if only on a nature show.

The second half of the day was along the highway between Fernie and Sparwood. The highway was busy and loud, but the shoulder was wide and the view was fantastic. The mountains to our left were stunning in their sheer rocky magnitude. The more consistent colder temperatures up here have lowered the tree line. As such, there is less organic growth decomposing into soil on the mountains. This makes for a much rockier surface, which is beautiful and dynamic. You can almost see the plate Tectonics in action on some of these rocky mountains.

We camped just outside of Sparwood and will have a short day into Elkford tomorrow.

Live life at a slower place.

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