Monday, August 1, 2016

Zero(ish) in Whitefish

Day 56 - August 1st
7.6 miles
Total: 2273.4 miles

"After having ice cream and frozen yogurt, both in the same day, I can definitively say that I prefer ice cream."

That quote pretty much sums up our day. It has been a calorie splurge of the greatest kind. We woke up this morning and cycled down to Loula's for breakfast. We each enjoyed our own meal, and then shared a tasty creamy tart french toast with lemon cream cheese and raspberry preserves.

Even with the coffee, we felt compelled to return to our hosts and take a nap after breakfast. After the nap, we packed up and went back downtown. We hit up the post office to retrieve a fantastic care package from Apricots' sister and mother, as well as a treat from my own folks.

With that taken care of, we had a clear picture of the food we need for the next leg, so we hit up the grocery store. While Apricots bought food, I sat outside watching the bikes and fighting off a giant spider that attacked my neck while I innocently sat there in the shade. It may have been the size of a velociraptor... or perhaps a rodent of unusually large size... it may have been your standard spider sized spider, but I assure you that it was out to kill me.

After groceries we went out for ice cream. It was a treat for ourselves on this ever so hard day. Ice cream is my guilty pleasure. Two scoops of happiness later, we mozied over the The Northern for lunch and drinks (Apricots' guilty pleasure). Coincidentally, while we dined, we overheard two other patrons talking. They were from Portland (like us), and one of them hailed from Pendleton (like me).

After our tasty lunch, it was time for frozen yogurt. We mozied over to the Red Caboose and dished up some classic frozen yogurt treats for me. Apricots passed on getting her own, but that didn't stop her from eating several bites of mine. I should have gotten a bigger serving.

It's been fantastic, and I am sure all of these calories will play a crucial role in our continued success.

After rolling over to our host for the evening, we set our tent up in the yard and enjoyed evening social hour with local microbrews. After the ice cream truck rolled past a third time, I caved. Our host let out a whistle, envied by all who heard it, and I enjoyed an ice cream cookie sandwich.

Live life at a slower place.

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