Sunday, July 31, 2016

Zigzag for Miles

Day 55 - July 30th
48.4 miles
Total: 2265.8 miles
Moving Avg: 9.3 mph
Overall Avg: 5.4 mph

Our hosts brought out a tray of hot coffee this morning. What a nice treat to wake to as we set out for Whitefish. We said our goodbyes to the hosts and the two other cyclists (from Holland) and ventured north.

Today can be described as a miniature snapshot of the whole Great Divide Mountain Bike Trail.

We certainly didn't get the arid desert experience, but we got most everything else on a miniature scale. The route from Ferndale was a series of connected roads, paved and gravel, which zigzagged northward toward Whitefish. It was not the fastest or most direct route between the two cities, but the route has never really cared for the most direct route.

We passed through ranchland, like almost the entirety of the trail. We passed through farmland like some small sections of the trail (I'm looking at you Idaho). We passed through open treeless plains, like some big sections of the trail (I'm looking at you Wyoming). We passed through forested green corridors, like some recent stretches of the trail (I'm looking at you Montana). We passed over long gradual climbs that were perfectly graded for easy climbs, like some passes we have seen (I'm looking at you Colorado). But to be fair, these climbs were one hundred feet, not three thousand. Keep in mind this is a scaled down Great Divide Route.

We passed through hot beating sun like New Mexico, and windy stretches like Wyoming. We rode on gravel. We rode on paving with good shoulders, and paving with no shoulders. We rode on highways and private property. We stopped for coffee at road side diners, and we stopped for burgers at town restaurants.

We told people of our adventures, and we passed other cyclists. And to top off the day we had a drink in Whitefish and then bought ice cream. We thought we bought three Klondike Bars from the grocery store, but we actually bought six by accident. Since we couldn't eat them all by the time the heat melted them, we gave them to strangers on the street. Everyone we offered them to said no at first, but then quickly changed their mind and happily took the cold treat on a hot day.

Then we biked to our Warm Showers host, who have given us a royal treatment that feels akin to a luxury hotel or bed and breakfast. Tonight we shall sleep like king and queen.

Live life at a slower place.

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  1. I would have accepted the ice cream. Your adventure has been interesting to read about and although I think I stated this before…so many good souls have crossed your path. It is wonderful. Look forward to hearing more of your tales when you return. Journey on iwith blessings of safety and love…mom, madre, chennie