Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Man Cave

Day 42 - June 18th (Happy Birthday Robin)
47.8 miles
Total: 1656.3 miles
Moving Avg: 10.3 mph
Overall Avg: 6.4 mph

Mrs. Maria Eidam continued her excellent hosting this morning. While we showered and packed up, she made breakfast burritos for us. Additionally she left a fruit plate out for us to take as desired, and a giant bucket of licorice, complete with zip lock bags to load up for the road.

Two burritos down, with a banana and OJ, we loaded up on licorice and hit the road. Our first stop was the post office to pick up a package from Apricots' coworker. Unfortunately, the package was not in the post office, and our zero felt like a waste. Then we remembered that the rest day was of great value, and the Eidam family spoiled us good.

We stocked up on water and caffeine and hit the road. Our path was neither the official route, nor the alternate route. We opted for taking highway 47, the Mesa Falls National Scenic Byway. While it was beautiful, it did not compare with the scenery we have been exposed to on the trip. Ville even said, "Do the people who make these scenic routes even understand what the word scenic means?"

Sure, it was just a joke, but most of the route consisted of high desert and ponderosa pines. We did catch one fleeting glimpse of the Tetons as we moved northwest from the range. Additionally we had a short stretch between two rivers where the road had water flowing on both sides. After the climb out of the Warm River Valley, the ridge line was abundant with the aroma of pine and sage, and the miles slid quickly under our tires.

Before long, we intersected Hwy 20, a major Yellowstone artery. Fortunately for us, we had a tail wind, and frequent construction interruptions which provided us with long carless stretches.

Before we knew it, we arrived at our hosts humble abode, known as Waters Man Cave. The place provided us with shelter from the sun and wind, a shower, and a kitchen to enable us to live like humans. The man cave is decorated with elk antlers, a wolf rug, and an enormous bison head.

The TV had the DVD "Ride the Divide" loaded for us to watch, a documentary on the Tour Divide Race. Ville had not seen it, so we watched it with him and made then made dinner.

The next four nights will likely be removed from civilization. We best suck up the civilized comforts while we can.

Live life at a slower place.

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