Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Happy 4th of July

Day 28 - July 4th
41.4 miles (plus 17 backtrack slacker miles)
Total: 1073.8 miles

I could get use to sleeping in. Since we were being visited by Loren and Natalie, we opted to have a leisurely morning. Around six am, the sun woke me. We packed slowly, and eventually I woke Loren and said it was time to rise and shine.

The four of us enjoyed hot coffee while Dexter sat idly by. What an awesome bulldog. Apricots and I said our goodbyes, and thanked Loren and Natalie for helping is out and visiting us. On our way away from camp we talked briefly with other tour cyclists. Then we began our 40 mile ride to Steamboat Springs.

The ride was a very gentle grade, and we enjoyed the very nice tread we rode along. Soon enough we arrived at The Elk Run trail, a simple single track trail which runs the perimeter of Stagecoach Reservoir. It was pretty fun hitting some simple trail riding, most everything we have seen this far has been roads (although some I wouldn't take a car on). This was a pedestrian trail with light gravel, and rolling hills.

We took lunch at the Dam, and then rolled the final 21 miles down to Steamboat Springs, mostly along the Yampa river. Once in town, we stopped at rhe grocery for relaxation and resupply, then we stopped at the bike shop for a quick inspection. Everything looked great.

On the far side of town we hit the road that we came down yesterday. We were not keen on cycling 26 miles uphill, especially since we cycled it yesterday. As such, we stuck out our thumbs on the semi quiet road.

An hour plus later, a car said they would run home and grab their bike rack and then drive us up the road to Clark. We waited about twenty minutes, and they returned with a bike rack. Dropped at the store, several miles shy of our intended goal, we weighed our options. With little daylight left, we settled for camping at the general store.

In the distance we can here the fireworks. But we should be able to find sleep quickly. We have to rise before the store opens, which is good, as we have a bigger day tomorrow.

Live life at a slower place.

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