Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Into Wyoming

Day 29 - July 5th
57.6 miles
Total: 1131.4 miles
Moving Avg: 8.1 mph
Overall Avg: 6.1 mph

The good thing about sleeping behind a country store is that you can wake up to some killer breakfast sandwiches and good coffee.

The breakfast powered us up the hill to Steamboat Lake. It was too early to bother thumbing a ride over the nine miles we had already covered. Besides, we opted to take the Columbine Alternate, so the nine miles to Steamboat Lake worked better by approaching the alternate from the other side of the lake.

At the lake we opted out of getting a snack at the local store, as we knew Columbine a few miles further along had cabins, and coffee, and donuts, and yummy pleasantries. So, we cycled the rest of the way to the pass to Columbine.

Sadly, the store in Columbine was closed as it was the Monday after a holiday. No worries, we were still fueled for the downhill ride. We rolled past Colbie into the freckled sunlight of a million Aspen. It was a beautiful stretch of countless Aspen Grove, and classic Colorado mountain roads.

As we lost elevation, we entered into Three Forks Ranch, an enormous complex of lodges, cabins, and fishing and hunting grounds. I don't think the ranch had any cattle or horse to speak of, but they did have a lawn so large that the grounds keeper probably is continually mowing it to even keep up with the growth from end to end. The Ranch is one of those billionaire vacation spots, where nightly costs for cabins can run around five thousand dollars.

Ten miles later we exited the ranch, and hit the highway a few miles after that. In the last stretch we wiggled between Colorado and Wyoming, crossing the border five times before settling into Wyoming.

In the very small town of Savery (population 24), we stopped in at the local museum and met Lela. We had prearranged with Lela to stay at her house seven miles north of Savery.

Two chocolate milks downed in Savery, and we were on the final stretch to her home. The house was beautiful inside and out. She puts the home up on if you are interested in planning a trip down to the great basin.

Tomorrow we begin the long dry stretch across the Basin. Hopefully it will be beautiful.... and not too much of the same view for miles on end.

Live life at a slower place.

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