Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Zero in Butte

Day 48 - July 24th
0 miles
Total: 1933.5 miles
Moving Avg: 0 mph
Overall Avg: 0 mph

Our hosts were amazing. They took the day to go fishing, and they left the house to us. We napped, blogged, finished laundry, and planned our next leg. They even left us keys to their truck so we could go out and see lovely Butte in all her glory.

The funny thing is when you are on a vacation like this, a rest day is not one wasted on sight seeing. We were deliberate and quick with the truck. Apricots and I shot over to the Pizza Ranch, where we gorged on all you can eat pizza, salad bar, and desert bar. Ville did not accompany us, as he opted for home cooking a meal instead.

After lunch, we hit up the grocery store, then returned home for laziness.

In the evening we played a board game with the hosts and enjoyed cheesecake. Ville came in last place.

Thank you Sarah and Jordan (and Brock and Yogi).

Live life at a slower place.

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