Monday, July 11, 2016

Zero in Pinedale

Day 35 - July 11th
4.8 miles
Total: 1386.7 miles

We opted for a rest day. And in the end, I am glad we did rest. The weather for today was much colder and more windy than it is to be tomorrow.

In the morning our gracious host provided coffee and donuts for breakfast. Then a warm shower. Then a day to rest, relax, and plan for our next leg. Apricots and I went to the Post Office first to pick up two care packages sent to us from friends (current and past coworkers). The boxes prepared had Emergen-C (much needed for electrolytes), nuts (much needed to spruce up our bland oatmeals), jerky (much needed protein to help repair our worked muscles) and a few extra fun treats.

We even received coloring crayons and paper cutouts of mosquitos, to help us build rapport with the blasted beast before us. Finally, there was some mini whiskey bottles, arriving just on time for tomorrow's intended campsite at Whiskey Grove Campground on the green river. If we don't camp there, we will camp at mosquito lake where the paper cutouts will help teach all type three vampires that we are friendly and need not be bitten.

(Thank you Cassie, Adrienne, and Barbara for your awesome care packages.)

After care packages, we hit the store to round out the food for the next leg, then to the library for Internet business, then to Pizza and Ice Cream for caloric restorative properties, then to host for R&R.

It was a good relaxing day.

Live life at a slower place.

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  1. sounds like a terrific day. donuts! yum

  2. You two have bee fortunate in all the gracious hospitality and generous offers for help….journey on…love ya