Sunday, July 17, 2016

Zero in Ashton

Day 41 - July 17th
About 3 miles
Total: 1608.5 miles

Zero days are the best. Little to report here folks. Ashton is a sleepy town, especially on sundays. We found a diner to have breakfast at, and planned our next leg over the coffee, eggs, french toast, and cinnamon roll. It is a long leg to Butte, MT. It should take us until Saturday afternoon to get there.

After breakfast we returned to camp to pack up and wash our bikes. And strangely enough, we went to lunch after packing up. In reflection, it seems as though we did nothing but eat until mid day. It was a long lazy breakfast followed by packing and then a long lazy lunch.

After lunch we went to a pseudo park by a gas station and lounged in the shade, taking a nap to the constant murmer of cars speeding toward Yellowstone. Around 4pm we roused ourselves to the grocery store to purchase food for our next leg. It was a rather busy store and a little nerve racking, but all goods were purchased for the next leg, which fortunately is pretty far removed from any convenience stores that are money vacuums to the weary traveler.

After shopping we called our gracious hosts for the night who happily invited us into their home for dinner, showers, and rest. The large family is all moved out of the house, but the mother and father still run a business on property, and a few of the children still live locally. Over the course of the meal, we interacted with four generations of the family line, while enjoying good conversation, tasty lasagna, watermelon, and homemade cookies.
(Thank you for hosting)

Tomorrow it's back to the road for us.

Live life at a slower place.

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