Thursday, May 20, 2010

17 Miles by 2pm

Day 37-May 20th
Destination: Oasis Cache at Rd 6N09
Miles: 17

We woke at 5am, with intentions to leave by 6am. After showers, coffee, and yogurt, we helped take out the recycling. Shortly afterward, we had a ride down to the trail. It was hard to leave Hiker Heaven, but it is nice to get back to the trail.

We were walking by six thirty. An hour later we were off the roads of Agua Dulce, and back to the familiar tread of trail. The day involved two climbs of around 1000 feet. The early start made the climb easy, as the temperature was still cool. In fact it never warmed up too hot today, so most of the hike flew by with minimal struggles.

The south side of the hill was hot and dry, with a tread decomposed granite. After cresting, we dropped onto the north side which was muggier, greener, and generally shadier. Our walk took us past several small oaks and manzanitas.
Just past two, we rolled into the water cache, put together by Joe and Terri Anderson of Casa De Luna, tomorrow's destination. The inflateable monkey swings on a tree under the Pink Flamingo. Perched in one of the shade offering oaks is a Palm Tree, and the numbers --2-0-1-0-- hang gloriously between two trees. Seven chairs receive tired hikers, as they enjoy soda, beer, or water.

Uncle Tom and Pat interviewed hikers who passed us by, while Psycho dozed and Apricots napped. Duff sat quietly by as about 12 hikers passed us by, most on a mission to arrive at Casa De Luna tonight. Now, most of our crew is here, the sun has set leaving the mariners twilight glow on a cloudless sky. A half-moon shines brightly through oak canopy, as we opt to sleep under the stars.
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  1. That is a festive tree...and a good place to take a breather.

    Be well, journey on in safety with blessings.