Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gloves, Down Jacket, Stocking Cap, and Snow

Day 40-May 23rd
Destination: Hiker Town
Miles: 24 (sort of)

We woke to the same cold wind that tucked us in last night. It is strange to know that we are hiking down into the Mojave Desert. Last night, Apricots woke to the sound of snow falling on the tent, and while none of it stuck, it was still very cold in the morning.

We made a short hike to Upper Shake Campground, where we took a walk down a jeep road to Pine Canyon Road. Shortly after we hit the road, snow started blowing horizontally into our face. Walking along Pine Canyon, we passed through the small town of Three Points. The old gas station had been turned into a church on sundays, and a bar the rest of the week. Five years later, the gas station now serves as a place to get married.

When Psycho hiked in 2005, he met Dave Canfield, who took in 20 or so hikers for the night and cooked a dinner for them. This time around, Psycho and Apricots were huddled behind a small shed eating second breakfast when he walked up. Psycho immediately recognized the trail angel. After talking with him for 20 minutes, he invited us back to his house, but we decided to continue on. Apricots felt a little ill, and weak of energy. We just wanted to cover five more miles to Hiker Town, where we could just sit and relax without the worries of needing to get more miles done.

Hiker Town is like an old abandoned movie set that was used for western movies filmed out of hollywood. It is not that, but has that feel. The owner is in a persistent mode of build out. There are small boardwalks in front of small stores, hotels, and post offices. Old "Wanted Dead or Alive" signs adorn the posts, and rails provide tie downs for horses.

We plan on staying in our tent here tonight and rising early to make the long flat walk across the Mojave tomorrow. Hopefully the wind will die down, and snow will not fall. The cooler temperature will be appreciated, but with wind it can get annoying. We'll see how tomorrow turns out.
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  1. Hey you all are not too far from the mountains? Am I right? I hope the Tune is feeling better and that the weather is in your favor. Here we have rain, hail and snow...but it is suppose to warm up this week.

    Enjoy and continue on with blessing of safety and good times.

  2. you should shoot a really short movie while you are there :)............but you've probably already gone *Jillian