Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ten miles to Heaven

Day 35-May 18th
Destination: Agua Dulce (Hiker Heaven)
Miles: 10
Total Miles: 455

We woke this morning to a cool breeze, and light precipitation. It was only ten miles to our destination, so we were not in any big hurry to get moving, but then again the sooner we arrived the more time we would have to relax. By the time Apricots and Psycho rolled out, all but two people had left before us.

The hike was a long stretch which offered no shade, but it did not matter because the sun was hidden by clouds. We left the KOA Kampground shortly after eight and promptly lost the trail for three minutes. After a couple fence hops, and a short walk on a rail frontage road, we reconnected and made a 1000 foot climb into the hills.

The hillsides were covered with faded yellow grass knee high, with highlights of a rich mahogany grass. We passed some fragrant sage adorned with hundreds of small purple blooms. After a short drop, we made another small climb before beginning our descent to highway 14, which we passed under through a long tunnel, emerging into Vasquez Rocks County Park.

The hillsides were covered in bulbous rocks showering sedimentary layers as a historical record of the times past. Thick layers of large aggregate interrupted several fine layers of smaller aggregate. The wind and water had carved elegant curves, dips, and bowels into the hillside leaving an alien looking landscape.

The county park had taken the liberty to mount signs in front of the plants we passed by, creating a subtle outdoor museum type feel to our walk. After passing the Vasquez rocks, we climbed to a flat plain that we walked across until entering the small town of Agua Dulce.

Now we are at Hiker Heaven, which will be described in the next post.

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  1. That sounds like a pretty place the purple blooms, etc. You are going in for a fun weekend. This is where you all meet up with Mark.

    Journey safety...and blessing