Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Lakeside Stroll

Day 28-May 11th
Lil Horsethief Canyon
19 Miles

Nothing gets you going in the morning quite like a 3 inch hairy legged spider crawling across your chest.

After Apricots and I had a warm oatmeal breakfast, we began packing our belongings away. In the process, I pulled something out of my backpack, and a large bunch of black string fell out. Looking down to see what it was, I saw an enormous spider crawling across my chest. Being an arachnaphobe, I screamed a little. Apricots, being the darling she is, decided she was going to save me from the spider. But, once she saw the ungodly size of it, she told me I was on my own. Two quick brushes to the chest sent it flying out of the tent.

After the adrenaline rush, we packed up our tent, making sure there was no spider in it. Then we started our hike. The morning light struck small lakes on the nearby valley in such a way that they glowed completely white. It seemed as if I was looking at a photo with a hole torn in the middle of it. After skirting some hills, we went over a saddle, and were offered a view of Silverwood Lake.

For the next five miles, we meandered around the perimeter of the lake. Around 11am, Apricots suggested we go down for a swim, so we went down to the water when we had a chance. While we never actually took a dip, it was a nice relaxing 3-hour lunch complete with nap and bird song.

After lunch we climbed over a hill, and then took a four mile long gradual descent to where we now camp. Today was easy. Tomorrow we have a rare treat to fast food before making a fierce climb up the mountain (complete with fire detour). Sausage and Egg Mcmuffins will invade my dreams.
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  1. Nap and a bird song...........sounds good, especially since it is now four a.m. and I've been awake since two-thirty. A hairy legged spider, nah, not interested in having that experience. Oh the other hand a sausage and egg McMuffin does sound good...journey on with blessings.

  2. Reminds of the time, in Alabama, when I thought I had a leaf in my hair, but it turned out to be an enormous bug.....Lauren's(Apricots' I mean)reaction was priceless.

  3. exactly what I was reminded of! lol! *Apricots

  4. she saved me from spiders once. true story.