Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 46-May 29th
Destination: Robin Bird Springs
Miles: 19

We woke this morning to a slightly warmer day with no wind. The sunrise cast an amazing red glow upon the Golden Oaks we camped under. The wind died down late evening, but somehow, Psycho woke several times. through the night.

We packed up and hit the trail around 6:45. The guidebook says that from where we started yesterday is the actual southern end of the Sierra Nevada, and by the way the day beat on Psycho, it would seem so. If it weren't for the fact the Apricots was cruising down the trail. Psycho failed to drink enough water, and so after about seven miles he started dragging.

The hike was a nice collection of desert and mountain flora. At times it felt like we were back at home in Oregon, walking among the trees and grass. While at other times the heat of the day and the sage plants reminded us we are still in the desert of Southern California.

At about thirteen miles, Psycho caught up with Apricots. She had found a decent spot to have lunch with Motor, Axilla, Calorie, and his brother Double Check. Calorie is sixteen years old, probably the youngest person on the trail this year. Apricots was preparing lunch as Psycho slugged into "dining room."

After eating, we laid down for a pseudo-nap. The sun was too warm, and the shade was too cool, but we made do by draping a jacket over our legs in the shade. Axilla, Calorie, and Double Check played frisbee in the small grassy area next to our napping grounds.

After the nap, we set out up the trail. A couple hours later, we crossed the six hundred mile mark. And shortly past there, we reached Robin Bird Springs. Apricots wanted to go further, but Psycho wasn't feeling it today. As we sit here, just after dinner, Train is building a campfire. Several birds are singing their songs as the sun is beginning to set... And Pat Burglar is still trying to get his stove going so he can cook a dinner.
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  1. Hey....good to see that you are all well. Sounds like you haven't hit the snow yet. The names of the folks on the trail sure are interesting,

    You all take care and journey on ...with blessings of safety.