Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Zero in Tehachapi

Day 43-May 26th
Destination: Tehachapi
Miles: 0

Generally there is very little to say about a zero day, so the entry will be short. We will share a few highlights though.

Last night, as we walked down the street at 9pm, someone stopped mid street and yelled out to us, asking if we wanted a ride anywhere, or needed anything.

We woke this morning, and went to the post office. While there, we picked up a package sent by Psycho's parents, as well as a care package sent by Apricots' mother. At the post office, a woman asked if we were hikers. After finding out we were, Georgette asked if we wanted a ride anywhere. She drove us back to our hotel.

After going to the grocery store to resupply, we were walking the mile and a half back to the hotel. Half way there, a woman pulled her car over and asked if we wanted a ride.

That is three strangers who offered rides, without us even trying to hitch. After reading a journal from another hiker, we found out another hiker (Slimjim) was driven all around town for a day, and then the driver gave SlimJim a new pair of gloves to replace the pair he lost on the last leg.

It is truly remarkable how often complete strangers go out of their way to help us on our journey.

When we returned to the hotel, we found team Megatex had arrived with a herd of other hikers. It has been nice to catch up with them and share our respective stories. Just a day behind, and yet completely different whether experience for them.

Tomorrow we plan on either heading out for a full hike, or just an eight mile slack pack, and another restful day in town.

"No rush to the Sierras", right?
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  1. Sounds like a bit of the luck of the Irish is with you. Good folks abound and isn't that grand.

    Journey on in safety....