Friday, June 25, 2010

Back in it

Day 73-June 25th
Destination: MM 1414ish
Miles: 9
Cumulative Miles: 946.5

After a good restorative half day in Burney yesterday (all you can eat BBQ ribs, yumm) and a late start today, we returned to the trail. To avoid the heat, we lingered at the state park until after 5pm to start our hiking day. First we wandered over to admire Burney Falls, and then we hit the trail; flat, downed tree free, and not a lick of snow.

Following the creek which feeds the falls, we crossed upstream over a bridge and began this leg of the journey. At first the trail went along the edge of Lake Britton, where the hillside dropped dramatically to our left. Moments later the trail passed a wall of volcanic rock, where the hill climbed dramatically to our left, all while the trail remained flat.

As if the red volcanic rock were not red enough, as the sun set, it cast brilliant golden flames across the landscape. A vast heatless energy tangling itself with the elongated shadows. Our shadows stretched several yards from our feet, reminding us that the end of each day we have grown stronger and closer to nature.

We wandered past several varieties of flowers, one of which was particularly soft. Its gentle purple-pink hue looked like a tiny cloud stuck to the end of a skyward reaching stem. Other white and purple flowers showed signs of regeneration after the Hat Creek fire which passed through this area recently.

When we pulled into camp, the sky was so rich with color, it seemed unreal. It was as if someone had stretched a canvas across the sky and painted the sort of prismacolor sunset you see in idyllic paintings. As the clouds faded into the night, the near full moon rose, casting a new illuminating light upon our canopy of endless sky.

Tomorrow should prove to be an interesting day. We have full packs, and a thirty mile stretch without water. One day at a time... That's the best way.
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  1. Like the new pics. Miles to go..What an accomplishment...To go one on one with some aspects of nature even if sometimes you win and sometimes nature prevails.

    But you are still out there and going great. You both look, healthy, thinner and happy. Take good care and keep the good blogs coming. I look forward to them.

    Journey on with blessings of safety...