Saturday, June 5, 2010

Zero#2 in Kennedy Meadows

Day 53-June 5th
Destination: Kennedy Meadows
Miles: 0

Last night when we returned to the trailer we are staying in for our zeroes in Kennedy Meadows, we found the host, "Tom Bombadill", had placed a bottle of champagne on ice with two glasses in our trailer. We were delighted, as we had as of yet not bought a bottle of wine to celebrate this landmark.

We enjoyed the kind gift while sitting around the campfire enjoying s'mores. What a bizarre world it is when champagne, s'mores, and stinky feet come together to spell relaxation.

Today we woke to hot coffee, and wandered to the general store for some breakfast. It was followed by relaxation, rest, and more relaxation. Psycho spent the morning loading pictures online while Apricots casually packed her gear. In the afternoon we returned to the general store for more food. It's quite a shift from reality to focus your time on resting while eating as much fat and calories as you possibly can.

We enjoyed a card game with Justin and Melissa ( ), while chowing down on a double cheeseburger, a B&J Ice Cream, and a hot link dog. After feeling filled to the brim with food, we returned to the trailer to finish packing our gear, and rest a bit more.

After the rest, we returned to the general store for the community pot luck dinner which accepts donations to benefit the volunteer fire fighters. We enjoyed a large sampling of food from the locals, before returning to lay about in the hammocks.

Tomorrow morning, we walk into the Sierras. June 9th we will take a shot at a Mt. Whitney summit. Mt. Whitney is the highest point in the contiguous 48 states, and stands just under 14,500 feet. Tomorrow evening we will be camping over 10,000 feet. Our world is about to get very different.
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  1. Tom Bombadill rocks! That's awesome!!! Does that make you two hobbits?

  2. "Hobbits, four hobbits" Hey you all take good care....The next time you post, mention which one of your future stops would be a good place to send a package. I think Thomasin wants to send along something.

    Journey safe, enjoy the adventure...I can't wait to see pics from Mt. Whitney.

  3. enjoy the sierra! i watched your resupply video & i must say: not enough apricots. not nearly enough apricots.

  4. I agree with bearcan't.....more of the fine tuned apricots...or is she camera shy...?