Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Chester Pit Stop

Day 78-June 30th
Destination: MM 1327ish
Miles: 16.5
Cumulative Miles: 1035

It was not a very eventful day. We woke up and hiked down to the highway to Chester. Along the way, we passed through the Dutch Line Ditch, which was not anything spectacular, but we did notice that the trail was manicured differently than usual. Apparently, we were walking along the old remains of a hydraulic mining operation, which was shut down in the 1880's when California outlawed hydraulic mining.

A few miles later we arrived at Highway 36, where a water cache awaited our arrival, with phone numbers to call for rides in to Chester. Old Scout called and set up a ride with "Piper's Mom", an avid PCT enthusiast since her daughter hiked the trail two years ago. Thirty minutes later, we had a ride in to Chester where we picked up resupply packages. One friend sent an mp3 player loaded with books, while another sent a solar charger, to keep it charged. (Thank you Cody and DK).

After the post office, we ate a hearty lunch, and grabbed a few groceries before heading back to the trail. Coincidentally, the driver who picked the three of us up was "Piper's Mom's Husband". He drove Old Scout, Apricots, and Psycho back to the trail. At the trail head we bumped into "Compass" a fellow flip flop southbounder, and "Adelveiss" (sp?) a northbound jumper who did three weeks in the Sierras before jumping up to Belden. She told us of trail conditions ahead, and then we parted ways.

Seven miles later and 1500 feet (or so), we pulled in to a reasonably flat site to camp at. The four of us enjoyed dinner together, while Apricots and Psycho enjoyed a bottle of wine for the 1000 mile celebration.

Tomorrow...a forecast of snow and blowdowns..... It never ends.

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  1. Good you got in a celebration for your 1000 miles and I think you both seem to enjoy the companionship of other hikers on your sojourn. A sense of camaraderie and a bit more security when there is one more to count on with such a long journey.

    Journey on with blessings of safety and love....