Monday, June 21, 2010

The Nekkid Landlubbers

Day 69-June 21st
Destination: McCloud River (MM 1476.5)
Miles: 20.5
Cumulative Miles: 884.5

(In honor of "Talk Like a Pirate Day" and "International Hike Naked Day" we present you nekkid(ish) pics of our intrepid explorers)

Arr, thar be trees in the way mates. Our two intrepid landlubbin explorers woke this morning to continue their walk through the forest. Like yesterday, the ship drifted slowly due to all the flotsam and jetsam debris littering the trail.

We had lunch among the butterflies, eating our couscous and drinking our electrolytes to ward off the scurvy. The stream flowed idly by, reminding us of our sea days. Crossing a bridge, reminded us o the day we almost walked de plank.

We came across two other sea dogs who were running the trail wherever there was no snow. Their landlubbin route was more convoluted than a recipe of bootleg rum, and involved more hops than a good IPA.

Finally arriving at camp on the aqua silty McCloud river, our two wary travelers were exhausted and barely managed to eat grub before bunking.

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  1. Ahoy me hearties,(hike naked day)...

    Those are some interesting pictures. Like the posts and the tales of trials and tribulations. I sure hope they become less so.

    Rest ye weary heads .....

    Journey on in safety....