Monday, June 14, 2010

Traveling to Reno

Day 62-June 14th
Destination: Reno
Miles: 0

Psycho has an Aunt and Uncle on his mother's side who live in Reno. After learning of our decision to jump up to Ashland, Psycho's uncle was kind enough to make the five hour drive from Reno to Bishop to pick us up.

While waiting for his arrival, we went to the Loony Bean for a morning coffee, and a little pastry free of ravenous oblivious customers. After a relaxing coffee, we returned the motel where we packed up our gear and waited for Psycho's uncle to arrive.

Around noon he arrived, and we made the five hour drive to Reno. We enjoyed a fabulous dinner of ribs, corn, and salad, which seemed endless as Psycho kept eating rib after rib. After dinner, we enjoyed a coffee with chocolate cake, raspberries, and strawberries. It's nice to live a life where it's not necessary to "watch what you eat."

Tomorrow we will be renting a car to drive north to Ashland.

(Thank you Tom+Diane for your serious generosity on short notice. It was a pleasure sharing a little time with you...maybe we will see you again in two months.)
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  1. That sounds like some real fine dining. Chocolate cake with raspberries..............yum.

    You two be well....journey on with blessings of safety