Sunday, June 13, 2010

Zero in Bishop

Day 61-June 13th
Destination: Bishop, CA
Miles: 0

We woke this morning and went straight to Shats, a bakery in town famed for its food. It was sunday morning and the place was packed. We grabbed our food and sat down to eat. When we were paying for our food, some lady pushed her tray at the cashier, squeezing us into a food rack. It's as if she did not even see that we were busy paying the cashier.

While sitting and trying to enjoy our food, we were overwhelmed with the quantity of people rushing about the store. Standing in stark contrast to the general serene life that we eat most our meals in, we were unable to enjoy what was probably pretty good food. We put the latter half of our meal in a bag and left to eat at some place else, some place not inundated with ravenous oblivious customers.

We ate at the Laundromat where we were busily washing our clothing. After eating and doing our laundry, we returned to the motel, where Psycho investigated re-routing options. Apricots called her family and shared the latest news.

In the afternoon, we took a semi-relaxing swim in a cold swimming pool. Afterwards we vacantly stared at a TV screen while the Celtics beat on the Lakers in game five of the playoffs. After that, we went to dinner with Buckeye and Swift at a pizza joint, where most of us plowed through the Salad bar.

After dinner we returned to the hotel. Buckeye and Swift packed up, while we went over to "the boys' room" and said our goodbyes to Uncle Tom, General Lee, Wizard, Axilla, and Train. They are continuing through the Sierras, while we have made the decision to jump north to Ashland and hike south. This enables more time for snow to melt in the Sierras, and hopefully will allow for a less anxiety-filled hike when we get back to the Sierras.

We should be seeing our old friends again when we pass them in a month or so, and ideally again when we repeat the drive back to Ashland after finishing California.

For now, we are off to have a good (relatively) solitary two months of hiking. If you are planning on sending a care package, please let us know, as we have not had the chance to update our itinerary on our blog.
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  1. Interesting that the serenity of the trail had settled in so well that the general selfish behavior of others was so very noticeable. Eating at the Laundromat....sounds like a good title for a movie. Take care and God speed.