Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Traveling to Ashland

Day 63-June 15th
Destination: Ashland
Miles: 0

We woke this morning, knowing that we were planning on driving north to Ashland today. Psycho's aunt and uncle took us to the Atlantis Casino to take advantage of the breakfast buffet. Strangely enough it was hard to eat a lot of food, as the ribs were still sitting heavily on our stomachs from last nights late dinner. To add to that, we tend to have small breakfasts on the trail, so an endless supply of breakfast food was hard to handle.

Yet, we still ate a large meal before being dropped off at the airport to pick up a rental car. After grabbing the car, we drove the five hour drive north to Ashland. Once in Ashland, we went straight to the library and managed some online paperwork before settling into a hostel.

After finding the hostel, we put our gear in the room and went out for dinner. While enjoying dinner, we caught the second half of the NBA finals (game 6). The Celtics lost, so it looks like the series will go to a seventh game. Normally, we are not basketball fans, but Uncle Tom's enthusiasm for the Celtics rubbed off on us.

Once satiated in calories, and fine northwest Ales, we returned to our hostel for much needed sleep. Tomorrow we have to run a couple errands and then we return to the peaceful existence of trail life, made much more peaceful by the near complete absence of other hikers.
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  1. Paul is an avid Celtics fan and has been so for as long as I can remember. Sounds as though this part of your sojourn will be much quieter. It will be interesting to see how the change of the atmosphere of hiking and socializing affects you.

    Take care and Journey on with blessing of safety and good adventures.