Friday, August 27, 2010

2000 Miles, Baby!!

Day 136-August 27th
Destination: Chinook Pass
Miles: 13
Cumulative Miles: 2008.5

As if to signify the fact that we would be entering into Mt. Rainier National Park today, it got rainier last night. Around 3am, the sound of rain started beating on our tent. While the pitter patter of the rain was soothing to Apricots, it woke Psycho up enough that he had trouble falling back asleep.

We had 13 miles to cover today, so we were not in a real hurry to get moving. We laid in the tent, listening to the rain die down. Fortunately it pretty much stopped by the time we were out and moving. The collected rain on the undergrowth did a fair job at wetting our boots and pant legs, but the afternoon sun prevailed and we did not end our day wet.

Taking a short break early in the day, Psycho noticed a small animal scurrying up a tree. After talking with others, and researching it a bit, we believe it was a Pine Marten, a very rare sighting from what we're told.

The day, though cloudy and foggy, was fairly nice. The rain was scattered in mercurial drops on the vegetation. Psycho was repeatedly stopping to attempt to photograph the perfect dew crystal, while Apricots urged him to move faster as it was cold outside. The thick fog limited our visibility to no more than 100 yards.

As the day wore on the sun cooked off the fog, and we found our shadows which seemed to forget to wake up with us. The grade allowed us to move with relative ease, and the tread was only rocky in a few places.

About two hours into the day, Psycho turned around and screamed "Two thousand miles, baby!!!" This gave Apricots quite the scare, as it was completely peaceful and quiet otherwise.

When we arrived at Chinook Pass, we hitched our way back to the town of Packwood, where PseudoGnome agreed to meet us. He is driving the long leg up here, just so we can go to PCT Days in Cascade Locks. What a rockstar!

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  1. Sounds like a good time in Cascade Locks. Yes PseudoGnome is a rockstar. M&M' I'm surprised...Wow Psycho and Apricots you have now completed a more than 75 percent of the PCT. Kudos and journey on with blessings of safety.

    Looking forward to seeing you at the end of the trail.