Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 135-August 26th
Destination: MM 2319ish
Miles: 16 (plus 0.5 off trail miles)
Cumulative Miles: 1995.5

It was a fairly simple day, mostly uneventful. After our late night last night we chose to sleep in a bit. Our plans only called for 29 miles over two days, so it was not too important to get an early start on the day. As we haven't been making our desired miles as of late, we have been fortunate enough to be arriving close to a road for an easy out to town. This enables us to make the trip back down to Cascade Locks for PCT Days, an event that has grown over the years. It should give us an opportunity to catch a few of our old friends from earlier on in the trail, as well as help generate income for the PCT Association. (More on the event later, when we get there)

Psycho went down to the Kracker Barrel store to pick up the resupply boxes this morning. He ran into Kern, another thru-hiker who had just pulled into town. One of his resupply boxes had not yet arrived, so he was waiting out the time until the daily mail came. Since he had an hour to kill, Psycho offered up a shower to him. Like any thru-hiker, he was happy to come up to our hotel room and get a shower in before we checked out.

After packing most our gear, we wandered down to the store for some breakfast before heading back to the trail. A giant cinnamon roll, two sausage and egg muffin, one bacon and egg muffin, two americanos, and some candy sufficed. Once refueled, we finished packing and went to the trail.

The hike was pleasant, mostly green corridor, but several lakes dotted the landscape making it easy to enjoy. Furthermore, the grade of the trail was easy and the tread was mostly smooth. This allowed us to pull 16 miles, despite not starting until 1pm.

The overcast sky led to a very chilly walk, at times downright cold. In the evening the sun had set, and the clouds hid any early evening twilight. Slipping into the forested overgrowth presented the feeling of arriving at camp well past dark, which it nearly was. The days are getting shorter, and we both sense it.

Shorter days, and closer final day.

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  1. Shorter days. The days here are already considerable shorter, so it is a good thing you will not tarry past September ...Journey on with blessings of safety.