Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mosquito Mania

Day 112-August 3rd
Destination: 4 miles north of Summit Lake
Miles: 24.5 (plus 0.8 off trail miles)
Cumulative Miles: 1574.5

So many mosquitoes.
So many mosquitoes.

We had short reprieve from their constant whining as we took lunch, overlooking Cowhorn Mountain, and that was pretty much it.

So many mosquitoes.

While we took dinner at Summit Lake, the mosquitoes were the worst we had seen all day. When we left Summit Lake, with it's beautiful view of Diamond Peak, we followed a trail through flatish land with multiple many mosquitoes.

Finally, when we couldn't take it anymore, we set up camp and dove into our tent. We spent the next twenty minutes killing all the mosquitoes that followed us in.

So Many.

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  1. Taken from Mississippi River Journal to benefit the Audubon Society John Pugh and Jessica Robinson

    Ode to A Mosquito

    Mosquito. Oh you @!*^%*# mosquito.
    My loathing toward you has no bounds.
    You are my nemesis.

    No friend would torment me so.
    Painful proboscis poking.
    Suck, suck, sucking away at me.

    Why must you torment me so?
    I’ve done you no harm, yet.
    So small, yet such a big pain.

    Come hither my pretty.
    Just a little closer.
    Steady now. That’s it.
    No quarter for you.

    Mosquito. Oh you @!*^%*# mosquito!

    Journey on in safety and with fewer bites from the mosquitoes...