Friday, August 6, 2010

Dr. StrangeLake (or how I learned to love the DEET)

Day 115-August 6th
Destination: Sisters Mirror Lake
Miles: 28
Cumulative Miles: 1640.5

We woke to a chilly morning and a tent damp with condensation. It has been many weeks since the morning was this cold, and rarely have we had as much moisture on our tent as we did this morning. As such, we sluggishly moved quickly; meaning we moved slow until we were out of our sleeping bags, and quickly after that.

Today's hike was about the lakes, ponds, bogs, and tarns we passed along our walk. Irish lake and the next couple lakes were lost in a shroud of thick morning mist rising from their glassy surfaces. They held a certain eerie witch-like charm to them.

About one mile later we passed a small pond, made black by the decaying vegetation that had fallen into it. The surface cast a perfect reflection of the trees across the way from us. It was as if we were looking at black glass, or perhaps fully reflective obsidian.

The remainder of the day was filled with small lakes ranging from crystal clear to blue, green, brown, and black. Often the smaller ones were freckled with Lily Pads, while the larger ones caught the wind on their surface and cast a thousand shifting constellations across their surface.

Near the end of our day we passed two Sobo thru-hikers. Shortly after that we passed another, bringing the total to four and a half (the half is from one Sobo hiker who skipped 75% of Washington). We had a nice chat with the couple about conditions ahead, and behind. Given our plan to return to Echo Lake and hike south once we get to Canada, it is quite likely we will slip into the Sobo herd of hikers, small though they are.

The surplus of lakes surprisingly did not create a surplus of mosquitoes, and we were able to enjoy most of the day free of head nets. Sadly though, our camp was overrun with the whining mini-beasts. We quickly put up our tent and dove in for the night.
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