Thursday, August 19, 2010

Zero Number 2 at the OR/WA Border

Day 127-August 18th
Destination: Herman Creek Campground
Miles: 0
Cumulative Miles: 1831

Today was more restful, but we still had food to buy, and hot tubs to be relaxed in.

At the end of the afternoon, NaborJ took us back out to Cascade Locks. We crossed over the Bridge of the Gods to go into Stevenson for dinner. We had some fine ales with our pizza before returning to the Oregon side of the river to camp.

Tomorrow we walk into Washington to begin our trek across the state. We hope to make it to Snoqualmie Pass by the evening of the 27th, so we can come back for PCT Days in Cascade Locks. To do this, we need to pull near 30 mile days for nine days straight.

Guess it's time we tested our endurance.

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  1. 30 miles a day. Youza ...that will be some hoofing it. Hope all goes well and journey on with blessings of safety....