Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Casual Day in The Long Green Tunnel

Day 120-August 11th
Destination: MM 2080ish
Miles: 26.5
Cumulative Miles: 1755.5

We woke up this morning and returned to the Olallie Lake General Store for morning coffee and relaxation. We sat on the porch drinking our coffee and looking out at the misty lake. Small tendrils of lake water clouds misted upward, entangling themselves around the boats of the early rising fishermen. Mt. Jefferson hid behind the clouds, and only showed partially, briefly, as we were leaving.

Our hike was casual, with more frequent than usual breaks, as we were making good time. We stopped for lunch after only 9.5 miles, and dinner after 20. We filtered water out of two simple streams at both stops. The trail wandered viewlessly through what many call "The Long Green Corridor" or "The Green Tunnel". Either are less than fond terms for the Oregon stretch of the PCT. While the trail has it's scenic parts in Oregon, some only remember these mind-numbing types of days, and so look negatively upon the state as a whole.

The highlight of our day came between lunch and dinner. Psycho heard a scurrying scratching sound to his right. Typically this means a bird, or more commonly a squirrel or chipmunk. This time, however, it was much too loud. He looked toward the sound and saw a baby cub bear climbing quickly up a tree. Psycho pointed and Apricots noticed as well. Not wanting to find ourselves splitting a mother from her cub, we quickly looked around and made noise as we hiked further on.

We went 2 miles further than we had planned on as the miles were easy, and pulled in to a relaxing evening in the tent. Joint foot rubs. :)

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  1. Ah smart move....those mother bears are fierce foes. On the other hand the foot rubs sound wonderful. Oregon...still one of the prettiest in the nation in my book...journey on with blessings of safety...