Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mmm...Cheetos and Whisky

Day 130-August 21th
Destination: 0.5 North of NF RD 23
Miles: 21.5
Cumulative Miles: 1899.5

We slept in today. Yesterday's miles kicked our butts, and we found it mighty difficult to wake when our alarm went off this morning. We didn't start moving until just after 9am.

The late start affected us in the sense that we didn't have enough daylight left to make it to our goal for the day. We had to drop off trail to a tiny muddy pond to get water, as we weren't prepared for dry camping, despite our knowledge it might have happened.

Today's hike was a little better with a few lakes along the way, but both of us want some scenery, need some scenery, and need it soon. "The Long Green Tunnel" is rarely inspiring to hike in. As such the miles are harder and less enjoyable.

The highlight of our day was a PCT Hiker Stash five miles in. The bucket was filled to the brim with snickers, paydays, kitkats, starbursts, cookies, chips, and m&m's. We took a break, and enjoyed the sweet treats put there by past thru-hikers. We met a section hiker there who told us that there was a forecast of snow or rain at the very least for the coming days. By the temperature of the day and the lingering clouds, it looks daunting. It was very cold, making the hike difficult. Hopefully today's temperature is not an indication of how the rest of Washington will be. We sure are glad that our jumping has put us up here sooner than the herd of hikers who may have an early winter to face.

1900 miles. Woohoo!!
Well...almost 1900 miles, enough to call it at 1900 and enjoy the whisky that Jacob (Psycho's old boss) gave him. One mini bottle each. Today we also enjoyed many of the treats provided to us by Kristine N. Kristine is an old friend of Psycho's, he met shortly after his first thru-hike attempt. Thank you Jacob and Kristine.

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  1. Cold...snow possible...yikes. That stash sounded like a trick or treat heaven....snickers, m&M's and paydays...yum.

    Sure hope the snow stays away. But wow 1900 miles...what a deal. You two take care and journey on with blessings of safety.