Friday, September 10, 2010

A Better Day

Day 150-September 10th
Destination: Sitkum Creek
Miles: 23.5
Cumulative Miles: 2198.5

Our new gear kept us dry through the rainy night. It rained all through the night, but stopped by the time we crawled out of the tent. The only hard part about getting up this morning was sliding our warm feet into wet cold socks and boots. Once that was done, we moved quickly to start getting warm.

Low clouds and heavy fog dominated our morning. At one point, Psycho reached out to the cloud covered valley (or mountain for all we could tell) and told Shroomer and Apricots of the serene beauty that was down (or up) there. Miles later the fog cleared, and the clouds lifted. We were offered amazing vistas of long sweeping glacial carved valleys. The steep slopes were covered in lush green plants. The corn lilies broad pleated leaves were changing from green to yellow, creating hillsides of green and yellow. Other shrubs added splashes of red and maroon, rendering the hillside with a full spectrum of color, as the peaks disappeared into the clouds.

To combat the cold temperature, we kept ourselves moving, covering all of the distance with only one sit down break. It was our desire to do 27 miles today. Near hitting our goal of 27 miles for the day, we ran into the collective of thru-hikers we left the Dinsmore's with. Wolf Taffy came over and told us their plans to slow down enough to pull into Stehekin the morning after we were planning to. We talked it over, and decided that we had enough food. The weather seems to be getting better, and arriving at camp early sounded nice.

We sat around together eating dinner. Shroomer, who we met on day two of the trail, fried up fresh picked mushrooms to have as appetizers to our dinner. Also here is Johnny Law and Missing Link, fellow Portlanders who we met in the Sierras, Motor and Mike. Two more thru-hikers rolled up as this was written, bringing the total at this campsite to ten.

During dinner, Wolf Taffy played his ukulele and sang a song, warning us of the woes of giardia.

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  1. Your campfire sounds like a scene out of a movie...but that it is great. Journey on with dry weather and blessings of safety.