Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rewind and Retreat

Day 147-September 7th
Destination: Steven's Pass (Dinsmore's Hiker Haven)
Miles: 0 (plus 16.5 repeat miles)
Cumulative Miles: 2169

Our tent dripped profusely on us through the night. We woke with wet sleeping bags, and a decision on our mind. Retreat, or forge on. As we hit the trail junction we had a decision to make. The difficulty of the decision lent itself to possible regrets in either direction. If we continued on the trail, we might regret arriving at camp with wet sleeping bags. If we headed back to town, we would possibly regret heading out prematurely.

In the end, we have no real regrets. We made the decision which carried no ill-effects to our health and well being. We could possibly face hypothermia if we continued, so we have decided to retreat back to town to dry out our gear, and visit a store to purchase a better tent, some pack covers, and better rain jackets.

It is annoying that we had to hike the same miles back, and may have to hike them a third time. It is annoying that we are further behind schedule now. It is, however, not annoying that we have a warm dry bed for the night. The Dinsmores are hosting close to 20 hikers here tonight, and we are all feeling pity for those out in the rain.

We of course will have to face it soon enough.
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  1. Better to dry out. You are right about hypothermia and maybe the delay will bring about drier weather. The progress seems thwarted, but your health and well being is the number one concern. I hope this bodes well for you two and that you can continue your hike. The elements are a formidable foe. Take good care and journey on with blessings of safety.

  2. Get dry and rest, then forge on. This is just a moment of weakness you are experiencing. Stay strong. Less than 630 miles to finish is not much compared to how far you have already gone.

    I also need something to keep me entertained at work for a while longer.