Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Mysterious Miles

Day 151-September 11th
Destination: 2 Miles S. Of Vista Creek
Miles: 21.5 (plus approx. 3.5 mystery miles)
Cumulative Miles: 2220

The day started with a climb of a couple thousand feet. This was good, as it warmed us up. The morning temperature was not too bad, but as we gained elevation it became cooler, and started to mist and rain a little. The clouds still blocked much of our views, but as the day progressed more views opened up.

Midday, Psycho pointed out his shadow to Apricots. He thought it was gone for good, but it was just away on vacation, avoiding the nasty weather. As soon as blue patches returned to the sky, it came back. Both of us were ecstatic to see blue, even if small and distant.

Psycho had heard the fording of Milk Creek was difficult, and felt a little anxious as we approached the rushing water. Fortunately a new bridge had been built over the creek which washed away the last bridge a couple years ago. Unfortunately, two extra miles of trail was added, which threw off our rhythm and timing for replenishing our water. We arrived at the creek a little thirsty, and there was no safe way down to the water to get some.

We had to hike four miles up a very steep hill before we found a tiny tarn to pull water from. After rehydrating, we walked across some of the most beautiful hillsides. Yellow-orange corn lilies covered the land, complimenting the multicolored granitic rocks which have slowly tumbled down the glacial carved valleys.

Towards the end of our day, we saw a bear in the field we were walking through. We tried to scare it away, but it just looked at us with those "I've-had-a-short-summer-and-I'm-hungry-leave-me-alone eyes". We cautiously trudged on, keeping an eye pointed in the direction of the bear.

As we descended to Vista Creek, the miles seemed to be extra long. We think new trail was added, entirely throwing off our camping plans. After hiking for over an hour with our head lamps, we chose to set up camp in the middle of the trail. Low on water, a little dehydrated, and beat from an exhausting day, we didn't like this option. Walking another 2-3 miles by head lamp was not a better option.

So, we camp directly on the trail. We will have to rise early, so that we can break camp before our tent blocks the trail for any hikers.
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  1. Ah the shadow....always there...just hidden sometimes. Sun...even a few rays is a blessing. Bear...he was thinking...oh bother....those pesky humans...and that's good.

    Take good care and journey on with blessings of safety.