Friday, September 3, 2010

A Warm Day in Washington

Day 143-September 3rd
Destination: Deep Lake
Miles: 24.5
Cumulative Miles: 2122

This section is particularly difficult. We have great climbs, and great descents. The trail is often along cliff sides, or across steep slopes of talus, where the rock slides have created difficult footing. Yesterday we had a 3000 foot climb.

Today as we reached the summit of a 2000 foot climb, we ran into two section hikers. The couple was 84 years old. We were impressed. Further down the trail, we came to the realization that they had braved the torrential downpour that we experienced a few days ago, and after arriving at their destination, they have turned around to hike all the way back to where they started for a total of 152 miles.

The morning started with a simple descent down to Delate Meadows. By some unfortunate oversight, we found ourselves down a side trail into Lemah meadows. Fortunately, the trail reconnected with the PCT, and we didn't gain or lose much mileage. Unfortunately, we had to ford a stream, rather than walk a bridge across it. The stream had split into two sections, and we both agreed that the second section had to be several degrees colder than the first. Afterwards we donned our boots for the 2000 foot climb.

Stopping briefly at a mountaintop tarn to grab water, we met an injured hiker who was slowly waddling her way back to Snoqualmie Pass. We asked if she was good on food, she was. She, however, said she was low on toilet paper. Psycho offered up some, as he seemed to be carrying an abundance this leg.

Carrying on, we made our descent down the other side of the mountain. Our timing was great today, as our long ascent was in the shade, and we crested the hill around noon, allowing for a largely shaded descent down the other side. When we made our final 1500 foot climb, it was late enough in the evening that the heat of the day was not really a factor. It was somewhat bizarre having a warm, almost hot, day in a state which has been largely gray and overcast.

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  1. Ah the father's birthday..Sounds like a good workout on this section of the hike. The injured hiker...and the 84 year old couple. Wow the couple are amazing. That must have been an interesting experience. They deserve kudos.

    Journey on with blessings of safety and enjoy the view...this sojourn is something you will speak of for so many years to come.