Sunday, September 5, 2010

Wet... What's New?

Day 145-September 5th
Destination: Stevens Pass (Dinsmore's Hiker Haven)
Miles: 8.5
Cumulative Miles: 2152.5

It was raining all through the night. Our tent was situated in a place where puddling occurred, resulting in a very damp tent floor. While our sleep was fairly warm, our gear did get a little wet through the night. Fortunately, we were heading to town. We packed our gear, donned our rain coats, and hit the trail.

It wasn't long before we were uncomfortably wet, but it wasn't much longer before we hit the road. Standing in our dripping wet gear, we held our thumbs out for about an hour before a nice couple picked us up for the ride down to Baring, the tiny town that plays host to our fabulous hosts tonight.

Arriving at town, we immediately changed out of our wet clothes and went into the store for a hot coffee and an excellent breakfast. It wouldn't look like it, but the breakfast were some of the best we've had on the entire trail.

Now we are drying out our gear and relaxing at Hiker Haven. Gerry and Andrea are providing much loved accommodations. Gerry just cooked up a dandy meal of burgers, and while gorging ourselves on meaty goodness another hiker arrived. He was picked up in Glacier Peak wilderness by Heather "Anish", someone who Psycho hiked with in 2005.

Psycho looked at her and said, "You look familiar." When she looked at him, recognition clicked, and Psycho said her name. Hugs were given, and catch up was had. It was nice to see someone from his 2005 hike.

The weather looks grim for the next three days, and we are going to sleep with high levels of anxiety about the next leg. This section is very remote, very difficult, and the weather is certainly unfavorable.

Anxiety...what a miserable emotion.

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  1. Hope according to Lady Galadriel, "Yet hope remains while the Company is true."...Hope for the best and will pray for God speed with you two. Bless those angels of the trail....warmth, and nourishment has been provided to you two by many and many blessings I ask for them and you as you journey on to Canada...with blessings of safety and love....xo..mum