Monday, July 5, 2010

Back to the Grind

Day 83-July 5th
Destination: MM 1245ish
Miles: 20
Cumulative Miles: 1116

We enjoyed a large breakfast this morning, provided by the Williams, our Bucks Lake Trail Angels. Their hospitality and generosity was some of the best on the trail. After filling our stomachs to the seams on pancakes, eggs, bacon, and fresh fruit, we loaded our packs into the car. Dennis (who we met back in Belden) drove us back to the trail.

Once on the trail, we continued this southern leg of our hike with a small climb before dropping a few thousand feet down to the Middle Fork of the Feather River. Along the way today we met a few other Northbound hikers who have made it through the sierras and continue their trek ever northward. We were shown a video of one stream crossing that was so deep, they decided to inflate an air mattress and use it as a pseudo-raft to float across. We're hoping that future reports indicate that the water levels have dropped significantly.

With full bellies from a satisfying breakfast, we did not bother to take lunch until just after 3pm. Sitting on the rocks by the river, we had a picture perfect view of the steal bridge over the river. After lunch we made a 2000 foot climb to camp. We were aiming for 21-22 miles today, but Old Scout stopped at 20 and set up camp before our intended goal, so we decided to camp with him.

We have passed the 1100 mile mark now. Apricots has hiked more miles on the PCT with Psycho than he covered the first time around. Psycho is starting to feel the drain of the long hike, and seems to be running low on steam. We have been moving nearly three weeks without a full zero day, and it shows in our mental fatigue. A zero is planned for Sierra City to help renew our desire to be out being nomadic.

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  1. Hang tough you two. Think of what you have accomplished and use it as an incentive to keep you perking.

    Lauren I like that pic of you.

    Again journey on with blessings of safety and love.