Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sobo to Crater Lake

Day 109-July 31st
Destination: Crater Lake Rim
Miles: 12 (plus 1 off trail mile)
Cumulative Miles: 1516.5

We woke this morning after getting some of the best rest we've had in more than a week. Fully rested, we went to a breakfast buffet with Apricots' mother, before saying goodbye to her. Today she is driving south to visit Apricots' brother. As her car was full, we had to try to hitch back to the trail.

We decided to hike from Diamond Lake, southbound (Sobo) back to Highway 62 where we left yesterday. This would make for an easier hitch, and more time for our resupply package to arrive at Crater Lake. Once we get back to Highway 62 (tomorrow) we will check to see if our resupply has arrived, and then hitch to Diamond Lake and continue northbound (Nobo). Team Psychricots is a jumping flip-flopping team if nothing else.

Sitting on the side of the highway, we waited out the day in long slow hours, as most of the traffic was heading in the wrong direction. While waiting at the road, trying to hitch a ride back to the trail, a truck drove up. The passenger asked if we were hiking the PCT. We told her yes, and she said her father hiked the trail last year. She couldn't give us a ride, but she did give us a bag of M&M's and a large Gatorade. We saw them driving into Diamond Lake, which means they turned around to drive out and gift us. Once again, the kindness of strangers blesses us.

After close to three hours of hitching, we secured a ride that took us exactly to where we needed. Their timing was perfect, because we were beginning to question alternative options for getting back to the trail. Furthermore, they dropped us off with just enough time to hike up to the rim, and grab a camping spot with a perfect view of the lake as the sun set.

We made the 12 mile hike and sat on the rim, staring at the majestic blue water, as the sun cast it's last red hues on the opposite rim. The lake is more beautiful when you have to walk up to it, rather than just driving up to the viewpoint. We walked across pumice flats where light rocks of pumice lined our trail through the volcanic dust and gravel. The trees cleared just before reaching the rim, and we were given a fantastic view of "The Watchman", one of the rocky crags that sits on the rim.

Beautiful camp.

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  1. Now if I could have stayed and enjoyed that hike. Sounds marvelous. Really good to see you...only wish it could have been longer.

    Journey on with blessings of safety