Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hyatt Lake Pit Stop

Day 105-July 27th
Destination: Big Springs
Miles: 24 (plus 1.8 off trail miles)
Cumulative Miles: 1437.5

We woke this morning with a dry tent. Yesterday's rain storm had passed with the day, and we were thankful to have a cooler day ahead of us, now that the storm has sucked the moisture out of the air. Warm, but definitely less muggy. We enjoyed the last of Sue's tasty blueberries with breakfast and the first half of our hike. (Thanks again Sue)

Around 9am, we happened across a coyote on the trail. He was eating his morning breakfast, some squirrel who proved to be less squirrely than the coyote. We had the good fortune to see the half eaten remains of the coyotes conquest.

After about 11.5 miles, we made a 3/4 mile hike off trail down to Hyatt Lake Resort where we re supplied with a package sent from home, and refueled with a delicious pizza. With full bellies, and full packs, we waddled over to the Hyatt Lake Campground where we took a midday shower before returning to the trail for another 12 miles or so.

The latter half of the day cruised by fairly simply. Most of the trail was without noticeable landmarks or views, and only briefly passed through a burn zone which offered little to look at. We did see three turkey vultures flying about, and one deer late in the evening. Just prior to camp we passed through another wooden graveyard, where there were more downed trees than standing trees. The forest floor was littered with over sized white toothpicks, where the gods played a fierce game of "Pick Up Sticks."

After grabbing water from Big Springs we set up camp in a tiny nook created by a small collective of trees. The shelter of these trees almost give a sense of being in some elf's living room.

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  1. Sounds like Jeremiah Johnson when Will Geer tells Robert Redford's character, "I brung you a bar." Be safe and I'll see you in the morrow. Journey on with blessings of safety and less mosquitoes.