Friday, July 9, 2010

Zero in Sierra City

Day 87-July 9th
Destination: Sierra City
Miles: 0
Cumulative Miles: 1164

We rested today. We ate today.
That is all.

Fleeing Calpine, and it's sub par lodging accommodations, we returned to Sierra City for breakfast, as the town of Calpine had literally no breakfast options.

We napped most of the afternoon, slowly working through menial town tasks.

The proprietors of the Red Moose Cafe spoiled us to BBQ ribs for dinner. We spent the evening chatting with two other hikers "Sub Zero" who we met at the ADZPCTKO back in our first week of hiking, and "Yeti" an israeli hiker with a fierce sense of humor.

Tomorrow we return to our work, nomadic living.

It was so nice to have a full zero.
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  1. Yeah Red Moose all are sure treated to some good food along the way and what a blessing that is. Goodness alive and well on the PCT. There must be such a sense of awe and wonder at the beauty of this planet. Admiration for those that came before and gratitude for being able to enjoy this time in your life that will be a big accomplishment on a bucket list if you have such a thing....hope you do.

    Blessing of safety....