Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Half Way!

Day 98-July 20th
Destination: MM 1571ish
Miles: 24.5
Cumulative Miles: 1331

Some days start out looking easy. Long flat miles, frequent water, and imperceptible grade changes. Very often these types of days, although rare, turn out to be easy. However, sometimes this is not the case. Upon putting our boots on in the morning, it became evident that we just weren't "feeling it."

This dictated our day. With frequent breaks, and sore feet, we moved slowly through the "easy day." Near the end of the day we chose to stop one mile shy of our goal. This, however, still put us past the halfway point of the entire trail. We celebrated with a couple mini bottles of Henessey Cognac provided by Psycho's parents.

At the 20 mile mark for the day we intersected a small highway. We were faced with the dilemma every thru-hiker faces upon reaching a road:

1. Do we walk past
2. Do we hitch to town for a quick bite, and then hitch back
3. Do we hitch to town for an overnight stay

And the worst

4. Do we "get off the trail" permanently

The road, and the town at the end of it held a haunting allure that caused us to take a break for nearly an hour, discussing our options. Showers, beer, burgers, pizza, and laundry all beckoned for us, but eventually we overcame the call to town, and moved slowly trudgingly onward. We will get to the town in due time. We walked on, casting fleeting glimpses at passing cars, hoping one might stop and "change our path." None did.

We climbed 1200 feet to a water source, and chose to set up camp. Tomorrow looks a little harder, but perhaps our bodies will be feeling better.

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  1. Like the pic...but had you already been hitting the strong drink.

    Congrats on hitting the half way mark. That must feel wonderful. Pat yourself on the back, celebrate and journey on with blessings of safety and love.