Saturday, July 31, 2010


Day 108-July 30th
Destination: Highway 62
Miles: 19.5 (plus 0.9 off trail miles)
Cumulative Miles: 1504.5

Today was a simple day. Our hike was less than 20 miles (more or less), and there were no significant grade changes. Most of the trail wandered through flat-ish forest, and most of the higher points were without noteworthy views. Yet the lack of views were not constant and certainly didn't detract from the day.

We had passed through a burn zone that was rich with new growth. The green grass complemented the reds and browns left behind in the blackened forest.

When we reached the highway, we walked about a mile down the highway to Mazama Village, the small campground/development at the bottom of Crater Lake. At the store, we found out our resupply package had not yet arrived. This required us to develop a creative strategy for the next leg.

As Apricots' mother is visiting us, and we are staying at Diamond Lake, we plan to hike south from Diamond Lake back to Mazama Village. This will allow a little more time for our resupply to arrive while allowing us to continue hiking.

On a side note:
We have now passed the 1500 mile mark. Woohoo!!

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  1. Travels over...sure hope your package arrived and seeing you all was a treat....journey safety...