Thursday, July 15, 2010

Traveling to Rocklin

Day 93-July 15th
Destination: Rocklin
Miles: 0
Cumulative Miles: 1266.5

Apricots and Psycho have decided to face the Sierras in late August or early September. The reports have been generally good, but the stream crossings seem to still be difficult, and the snow is still overwhelming. While it would be nice to keep plugging south back down to Independence, Psycho has family near Echo Lake, which makes this an ideal spot to jump.

As it stands, our topsy-turvy flippy floppy plan will take us back to Castella, CA, where we will finish Northern California, and then a short hop to Ashland, OR, so we can hike across Oregon and Washington. When we reach Canada, we will come back and hit the Sierras.

So...that's our plan (and we're sticking to it...we hope).

Sleeping in until seven this morning was great. Not having to pack up immediately was better. Not needing to hike 20 miles was even better. Having an all-you-can-eat breakfast was the best. Old Scout, Psycho, and Apricots huddled over their plates mowing their way through french toast, sausage, yogurt, fresh fruit, oatmeal, and cereal while several lively kids at Berkely-Echo Youth Camp milled about, eating one or two of the above items.

After breakfast, we packed up and went down to the general store to hang out and wait for the arrival of Psycho's sister (who lives 2 hours away). When she arrived, we all had milk shakes for the drive. We took Old Scout down to South Lake Tahoe, as we are parting ways with him now. Then we turned around and made the drive to Rocklin, CA.

We were treated to dinner by Robin and Michael after they drove us around helping us with our chores. We picked up new boots for Apricots at REI, and replaced her defective trekking poles. We also bought a new sun shirt for Apricots.

Getting north?
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  1. Wow. Now as I am headed south, we will have to figure out if there is anywhere in Oregon that you will get close enough to the freeway that I can join up with you for a visit. Would be lovely.
    Other possibility, is that when you finish up in Calle, I could join up with you somewhere along the trail.

    Sounds like you all have so many good folks helping you out that you are truly blessed.

    Journey on in safety and much love...