Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Train North

Day 95-July 17th
Destination: Sacramento
Miles: 0
Cumulative Miles: 1266.5

Tomorrow is Robin's birthday. It would have been nice to linger around for it, but the trail beckons. We took her out to lunch as a gift, but our visit was more than enough for her.

We took two naps today, and Psycho iced his ankle a bit, before heading to the train station to catch a midnight train to Dunsmuir.

Rest is nice, but it can't last forever. We are now sitting at the train station waiting for our five hour ride. We will arrive at 5am, eat a breakfast, and then continue our Northbound Heartsong. Hopefully we get good rest on the train tonight, or else the hiking will be hard tomorrow.
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1 comment:

  1. Naps are good...glad you all were able to get two in. Undoubtedly traveling on the train at night may not afford you good sleep.

    Take care and journey on with blessings of safety.